Stephen Drew Is Making The Boston Red Sox Look Bad

By Steve Buchanan
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

When Stephen Drew was suddenly signed by the Boston Red Sox, a large groan was heard throughout Boston. In fact, I even wrote an article about all the reasons why this signing was a terrible idea. But for some reason, the Red Sox thought this signing would do the team some good. Well guess what, folks? Drew is doing the best he can to make the Red Sox look foolish.

First things first; Drew, who signed for $10 million, was only going to start against righties. His career average of .235 when going up against a left-handed pitcher will do that to you. Call me crazy, but if you’re signing a player mid-season to a $10 million contract, wouldn’t you expect him to be in the lineup almost every day? In this day and age of baseball, $10 million, sadly, isn’t that much money anymore when it comes to signing a player. Personally, I think because it’s Stephen Drew, $5 million would look and feel like a lot more than it really is. So automatically, the sitting against lefties irks me to no end.

Next, Drew is already off to a red hot start. Now some of you may jump on me because he’s only played in four games, but in those four games he’s batting .071 with a .188 on-base percentage. What’s even more alarming is that he’s already struck out five times in 14 at bats. If you’re a math wiz, you’ll know that comes out to 35 percent of his at bats have ended by way of the K. Those aren’t exactly the type of stats I want to hear about when this player is taking away at bats from Xander Bogaerts. So his offense, which never existed to begin with, is hurting the Red Sox more than helping.

The cherry on the top of this whole situation is that Drew is sitting out for the second day in a row with an oblique strain. So you’re telling me that after being signed to this $10 million contract and only playing four games thus far, you can’t trot out and play with an oblique strain? Give me a break. This is exactly the reason I hated this signing. It completely messed with the playing time of Bogaerts and Brock Holt, both of whom have been doing fantastic this year. It’s forced Holt to play in the outfield, which he did a great job with, but long term that is not an option. All of this lineup shuffling and defensive realignments for a guy to sit out two games because of an oblique strain?

Drew is happily taking his money and running. He’s not contributing to the team, and if anything he’s causing more of a headache. You can’t sit the guy. He has a big contract and the Red Sox front office expect him to play. John Farrell has the pleasure of making sure these lineups continue to get shuffled to get Drew and his worthless contributions into the mightily struggling Red Sox lineup. Drew can’t do it with the bat and he clearly can’t do this mentally right now.

Chalk this one up as yet another unnecessary issue in the story of the defending World Series Champions.

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