New York Mets’ David Wright Must Be Gone Before Season’s End

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Mets have finally won a game by beating the San Diego Padres 3-1 at Citi Field this afternoon but without the help of franchise player David Wright, who went 0-3. Wright is currently 2 for his last 39 and off to the worst start of a season of his career, with a .265 batting average with only 4 home runs and 33 RBI. With the way the Mets are looking this season, just how long will Wright be considered the Mets’ franchise player?

Last week, when most of the United States was locked in on the Belmont Stakes horse race, ex-Mets’ catcher Paul Lo Duca brought up a great point in saying he believes the Mets should trade Wright to a contending team and in return get young minor league hitters for the future.

It is evident that Mets GM Sandy Alderson‘s plan of spending money on free agents, winning 90 games this season, and being a World Series contender in a year or so was a complete fabrication.

Alderson made this clear on a radio interview where he made the lame excuse that the reason why the Mets do not spend a lot of money on players is because the fans are not showing up to the games.

Priceless isn’t it? Well, not really since to go to a Mets’ game you have to hand over your mortgage and then some. I mean you may be able to go to a game for only $10, since the team is so bad, but for over $20 to park your car to $6 hot dogs to $5 sodas, and not being able to bring your own food and drinks into the ballpark anymore, who in the world would spend all of that money in this economy on a horrible team like the Mets?

No Sandy, it is the Mets’ organization’s responsibility to put a watchable product on the field so the fans have a reason to show up to the ballpark. But since you made it so abundantly clear that you will not spend any of Mets’ owner Fred Wilpon‘s money, it is up to you to trade Wright at the trade deadline for hitting prospects, to complement the Mets’ abundance in pitching prospects, in order to ensure at least a glimmer of hope in this franchise’s future.

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  • KeepWright

    Why don’t people get it? Wright has a full no trade clause. He calls the shots and right now anyway he isn’t going anywhere. Maybe when he gets closer to retiring and sees his chance at winning slipping away but not now. Not so soon after accepting the captaincy. He has shown patience and loyalty and deserves the same. Not many players don’t have a down year here and there. Sadly, even as bad as he has been he still has the second highest BA and leads team in RBI.

  • Kris Parente

    First off you can bring any type of food into citi field and park under the bridge for free you tourist, and Wright was leading the NL in hits up until a few weeks ago. Is Wright slugging as much as I would like? No, but he never was much of a power hitter and on an anemic offense like that it’s to be expected.