Brock Holt Has Been A Jolt For The Boston Red Sox So Far

By Carter Roane
Holt batting
Greg M.Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest issues that the Boston Red Sox were having at the beginning of the season was the lack of a quality leadoff hitter. It seemed like whoever was put at the top of the order couldn’t hit. Dustin Pedroia did the best job, but it weakened the middle of the lineup. All that changed when Brock Holt came up from Pawtucket. Holt has been a jolt for the Red Sox. See, what I did there?

It seems as though the minute that Holt came up, all he has done is hit and get on base. He has been almost exactly what Boston needed from someone in the leadoff position. He even has been taking a lot of pitches, basically doing everything one could ask from the top of the order. He isn’t as fast as a Jacoby Ellsbury, but he gets on base all the time and that works just as well.

I can’t believe that Boston management didn’t seem to prioritize the leadoff role once Ellsbury left. It felt like the problem to them would just sort of work itself out. Well, eventually it has, but much later then it needed to. Holt has been so valuable, he has been impossible to take out of the lineup.

For a team that has been struggling so badly offensively, having Holt hopefully will help a great deal. I love how whatever position Holt has been asked to play, he has handled it extremely well. He reminds me of Mark McLemore from the Seattle Mariners of 2001-2003. McLemore was a supersub who was too valuable to take out of the lineup, so he played all around the diamond without a regular position.

Holt has played five different positions so far this season and there seems no sign of his bat slowing down. Who knows where he might end up playing next. Well, you know wherever he goes, Holt will bolt to that position.

Okay, I’ll stop now.

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