Kansas City Royals Fans Must Realize Importance of Series vs. Detroit Tigers

By Doug LaCerte
Kansas City Royals
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My job always entails making some sort of point with what I’m writing; without that, there isn’t much direction or reason to what you’re reading. Usually, the goal is to make that point, or at least how I prove it, into something unique. That won’t be the case today. The story for the Kansas City Royals right now is simply that they’re quite the story.

In this tense and thrilling moment, one need only to state the obvious and re-appreciate what is going on in KC. A dominant, eye-opening three-game series sweep of the Chicago White Sox brings fans here, to the most exciting moment in Royals history in at least two and a half decades. Don’t look now (again), but your Boys in Blue have a firm grip of their own fate as they stand only 1.5 games away from first place in the AL Central. I’m seriously struggling with what I should say next, but I have a literal lifetime of analyzing failure to blame for not understanding my new position.

I assumed being a journalist for a team that matters, a team about to enter their most important series since Walkmans were cutting-edge and people who enjoyed disco still existed, would be a cakewalk compared to the usual nature of following and chronicling Kansas City baseball. After the disbelief wears off, I’m sure this will be drastically more entertaining for myself than the aforementioned struggles, but right now I’m realizing that it will be no more simple or stress-free.

This is absolutely nerve-wracking, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The most important moment in the careers of so many players, coaches and anyone else affiliated with this franchise begins tonight, just hours from now, as KC takes the field in Michigan for the first of four games with the Detroit Tigers. We can return to a more traditional approach tomorrow, talking more about ERA and WAR than legacies and emotions, but a complex statistical breakdown could never explain this moment.

Fans in Kansas City haven’t seen their team with a chance at success like this in a long time. Whether or not the Royals can make this the good kind of memory has nothing to do with how grand it feels right now. Just appreciate what could happen and the thrill that comes with it, and if you dare, ask yourself this frighteningly, intoxicatingly exciting question: How would it feel if the Royals actually made it to the playoffs?

With the most pivotal series this era of Royals baseball has ever seen now looming large on the horizon, fans in KC have to realize that this is their Baseball Christmas Eve. Enjoy it, no matter what.

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