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Chicago Cubs Rumors: Jeff Samardzija Offered New Long-Term Deal

Jeff Samardzija

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately for Chicago Cubs fans, 2014 is yet another year where the team will be on the sellers side of things at the upcoming trade deadline. It’s not a question of if the Cubs will sell, it’s a matter who they will send packing. As per usual, Jeff Samardzija is right in the middle of all trade rumors surrounding the Lovable Losers.

But according to a report from the Chicago Sun Times, the Cubs have made another long-term offer to keep Samardzija in the Windy City moving forward.

The contract offer is still believed to be five years in length, but at a higher total salary than the $60-65 million the two sides previously discussed.

So it appears that the ball is now somewhat in the right-hander’s court. He’s said in the past that he wants to be a Cub and a part of the rebuilding process, but obviously he wants to be fairly compensated at the same time. This new proposed deal could be the best of both worlds.

Unless the Cubs can land some top-notch prospects in return for Samardzija, I just don’t see the logic behind not paying him what he deserves and keeping him in Chicago. While the 29-year old isn’t a top-tier ace quite yet — he’s the Cubs’ ace. Moving forward he’s at minimum going to be a 1A type of pitcher.

Why the Cubs wouldn’t want to keep a proven starter they can build around for the foreseeable future, is beyond me. They need do the right thing and show Samardzija the money.

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