Grady Sizemore's Release Showed Poor Planning By The Boston Red Sox This Offseason

By Carter Roane
Sizemore in the field
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Grady Sizemore was outright released by the Boston Red Sox, as he simply wasn’t producing. This had the potential to be a great story and maybe if the situation was different, Boston could have kept Sizemore; but as bad as the offense has been, he had to go.

It’s a shame, really. Sizemore did show flashes of the amazing talent that he was before all those injuries, and he did show that he could stay healthy on the field. However, Boston’s offense has been utterly putrid.

I don’t blame Sizemore at all. If the blame should be put on anyone, it should be Boston management for not making plans when Jacoby Ellsbury walked. They knew that it was pretty much a guarantee that Ellsbury would be leaving at the end of the 2013 season; they could have, and should have, started planning for what they would do knowing he wasn’t staying, but they didn’t.

The result was the team taking a flyer on a player who hadn’t seen any major league action in two years. I wasn’t disappointed when Ellsbury walked away because that was always going to happen. I was disappointed that Boston didn’t go after someone like Rajai Davis, who could have been a good fit in the lineup, which meant they wouldn’t have to run a struggling Jackie Bradley out there day after day.

Now, Boston’s worst fears have been realized — Ellsbury is gone. They took a chance on Sizemore and it didn’t work out, and they now have no choice but to put Bradley out there and have him figure out his offense on his own. That couldn’t have been part of the plan during the offseason, and it showed the lack of preparation on Boston’s part.

Sizemore deserves a lot of props for what he did. The fact that he could produce at all and stay healthy shows that he can still perhaps continue his career, and here is to hoping he does. I just hope that he doesn’t come back to haunt the Red Sox anytime soon.

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