New York Mets' Starting Pitching is Being Wasted With Hideous Offense

By Dan Marsiglia
Eric Young Jr.
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The New York Mets and GM Sandy Alderson can no longer afford to field a team with so many terrible offensive players. It isn’t fair to the fanbase, which has seen this club reach the postseason once in the last 14 years, nor is it equitable for their starting pitchers.

Jonathon Niese must want to commit harakiri. Niese is an emotional athlete who wears his heart on his sleeve. By no means is he the league’s best pitcher, but he’s very talented and gives his soul to each start. Unlike Zack Wheeler, Niese hasn’t folded under the pressure of replacing Matt Harvey. On the contrary, the bearded south-paw has taken over as the team’s ace in the wake of Harvey’s assassination at the hands of spiteful baseball gods.

Niese needs to understand that his lack of run support isn’t personal. As sad as it is, it’s the best his team can do.

Realistically, the Mets would be about where they are now even if Harvey was healthy. They’d have a few more wins and slightly less staggering attendance issues, but they wouldn’t sniff the playoffs. Why? Their offense stinks.

Let’s take a look at Chris Young, who Alderson felt was worth $7.25 million. In 52 games and 164 at-bats, Young has 33 hits, 22 of which are singles. His .201 batting average, .286 on-base percentage and .317 slugging percentage are embarrassing by any measure. It’s not a matter of Young breaking out of a slump – he just isn’t any good.

That’s the problem with most of the position players on the team. The pitching staff can hold their own against most other clubs, but their offense is a complete joke. Again, it’s not a matter of slumping or underperforming. Except for David Wright, who hasn’t played near his usual standard, the rest of the team has played to expectations.

It’s time the front office woke up and started signing some players with talent. You know how you win baseball games? You field a team with good players. How do you lose baseball games? Evidently, you hire Sandy Alderson.

After Alderson made his asinine 90-win comment, a major-league scout said the Mets would be “lucky” to win 63 games. While the Mets probably need new scouts (and a different GM), they need an offense most of all.

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