Philadelphia Phillies Should Not Be Fooled by Sweeping Atlanta Braves

By Mike Gibson
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After sweeping the Atlanta Braves with a 10-5 win on Wednesday, fans of the Philadelphia Phillies have to be asking one question: “Is this Fool’s Gold?”

There can only be one possible answer and that is yes. While sweeping the Braves might be impressive, the weight of the evidence leans in the other direction. The lowly Chicago Cubs went into Philadelphia and beat the Phillies two out of three and the equally lowly New York Mets won four of five at Citizens Bank Park. On top of that, the Cubs won a series in Philadelphia for the first time since 2001, a time span that covered two stadiums.

If the Phillies have decided to blow this thing up by the MLB trade deadline — and they should have — the results of the last three days are no reason to change the dynamic. This is an old ball club and it won’t get any younger. The Phillies need to get younger and better and holding onto nostalgic pieces of the 2008 World Series triumph is not going to help.

The Phillies need to get as many top-of-the-line prospects as possible. No less of an authority than Peter Gammons said that the team that pries Chase Utley from the Phillies could win any of the AL divisions. That could ignite a bidding war that would bring the Phillies not one significant building block but two and cuts in half the chance that the team fails on a prospect evaluation. If Cliff Lee comes back before July 31, he could prove to be a piece that could bring similar value. A team might need a closer with a sub-2.00 ERA like Jonathan Papelbon, too.

The Phillies have proven for two and a half months they are a sub-.500 team and, as a result, the outcome of the last three days should be viewed as nothing but a pleasant but temporary  mirage.

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