Travis d'Arnaud's Return To New York Mets Is A Mistake

By Tyler Ruby
travis d'Arnaud
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The reports are out that Travis d’Arnaud, who was demoted a few weeks ago to the Las Vegas 51s, will return to the New York Mets for their series against the Oakland Athletics after a rather successful stint in Triple-A. But that’s just it, he was playing in Triple-A. He should be dominating it because he has the potential to be a very good MLB-caliber catcher. He just needs time, and honestly, it wouldn’t hurt for Mets fans to stop booing and criticizing every time he makes an out; there’s no way that it actually helps the matter.

In Las Vegas, d’Arnaud only had 38 at-bats. In those at-bats, he hit .395 with five home runs and added 10 RBIs. It’s great to see that sort of power return for d’Arnaud, but bringing him back to majors so quickly could backfire for the Mets. They already brought him up too early once before, and he hasn’t exactly panned out the way everyone has hoped.

For the Mets, he is batting .180 on the year. What happens if he struggles mightily again? Are the Mets going to send him down or ride it out and hope he works through his hitting woes? One thing is for sure, they need to make a decision on how he will be handled, otherwise his confidence could potentially be crushed. Don’t turn him into the next Kirk Nieuwenhuis.

I don’t understand the rush to get him back to the majors. The Mets aren’t going to be contending for anything this year, so why bring him back so quickly after stating he was going to be in Triple-A indefinitely? The combination of Taylor Teagarden and Anthony Recker is just fine. Nobody on the Mets, with the exception of Daniel Murphy and David Wright, are hitting this year anyway, so unless d’Arnaud goes on an absolute tear when he comes back, he won’t have any sort of impact on the lineup. Bring him back in August after he’s had a month or two to regain his confidence at the plate, because it is clearly lacking.

I hope I’m wrong. I hope d’Arnaud comes back and starts hitting like he is capable of. It’s tough to explain to fans why a player hitting that well in Triple-A shouldn’t be recalled, but if the Mets want to do what’s best for d’Arnaud and the organization, they should keep him in Las Vegas.

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