Has Anyone Mentioned How Lame the New York Mets' Offense is Yet?

By Alex Susskind
Getty Images
Getty Images

The New York Mets have struggled to score runs with their less than stellar lineup all season long. Halfway through their four-game set against the Miami Marlins, the song still remains the same.

On Thursday night, in the opener of the series, the Mets scored just one run, but still won due to Zack Wheeler having the game of his career. In the second game of the series on Friday night, the Mets’ offense didn’t make an appearance until the eighth inning. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late. Daisuke Matsuzaka has been good this season, but did not replicate Wheeler’s Thursday night performance. Granted, the Mets were on the short end of a questionable home plate catcher blocking review in the eighth and an amazing putout by Marcell Ozuna to end the game, but struggling to perform in Miami is nothing new for this Mets lineup. Since 2013, the Mets have been 4-11 at Marlins Park and have averaged a pathetic 2.5 runs per game.

It’s no accident that the Mets are now in the basement of the competitive NL East. Exhibiting such ineptitude in the stadium of a division rival is a sure fire way to stay out of playoff contention and is reminiscent of the Mets in Turner Field during the Atlanta Braves‘ NL East stronghold. Yet somehow the Mets are still only five games back as no team seems to be able to pull away in the division race. But with a lineup like this, a five-game deficit like a five-run lead by an opponent seems to be insurmountable at the moment.

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