Kansas City Royals' Home Field Advantage At Risk

By Doug LaCerte
Kansas City Royals
Jamie Squire – Getty Images Sport

The Kansas City Royals are an intriguing, exciting team fighting to hold onto a narrow lead in their division, so why is attendance at home games down this year? Well, you could (and should) blame the new dynamic pricing scheme, but fans who can afford tickets to the K are needed now more than ever before.

Despite this season being regarded by almost everyone within the organization as KC’s most important in decades, attendance for home games is dropping. The Royals have filled 55.7 percent of the seats at games in KC this year, after finishing last season at 57 percent. In case you assumed this was solely because of KC’s stumble out of the gates and/or their surge at the end of last season, let me woefully inform you that 2012’s attendance percentage was 57.4 percent.

TV deals rake in hundreds of millions of dollars for some teams, but the Royals are locked into an awful, cheap contract for a long time. This led higher-ups in the organization to make another astoundingly bad choice, therein implementing a pricing system for home games that makes tickets for high-profile series way, way more expensive. The prices have gotten so high that it’s nearly impossible for folks in the lower-middle class and below to see their team play a worthy opponent in person.

I’ll have more to say on this Dynamic Deals disaster as the season goes on, but for now the message is simple; do everything you can to support your Royals during this home stand. We never know how long we’ll be blessed with meaningful baseball, and you could give your kids memories that make them fans forever. Thanks to this new ticket pricing, fans who can afford tickets need to cover the slack for fans who are less fortunate by keeping things lively at the K. Act like it’s Kansas City Chiefs season if you must- just do whatever you can to keep that home field advantage alive.

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