Mike Trout Makes Nike History With New Signature Cleats

By RantSports Staff
Mike Trout
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Trout is MLB‘s biggest and brightest rising star. He’s already signed a lucrative new contract with the Los Angeles Angels this season, and now he’s making Nike history.

Nike is set to release its first signature baseball cleats since its Ken Griffey Jr. models. The new Trout signature cleats will be called the Nike Lunar Vapor Trout.

Here’s the official product description from the popular shoe company:

“The first signature cleat for star outfielder Mike Trout, the Nike Lunar Vapor Trout redefines the balance of speed and power in baseball and embodies the future direction of the game. Informed by Trout’s own insights, the Nike Lunar Vapor Trout is designed for the directional speed needed to steal more bases, get to more balls in the outfield, and get out of the batters box quickly.”

And of course there’s a trailer:

These are pretty sweet looking and you know they’ll sell a ton of them to young baseball players, and maybe to some guys who are already in the MLB system. Signature cleats are definitely special in baseball, mainly because they don’t come around all too often. Baseball isn’t like basketball where every top player has their own signature shoes.

But maybe these new Trout cleats will get the ball rolling for more signature cleats? It’s certainly possible, but obviously the player has to be at a certain level of stardom for it to be worth Nike’s time and money. One of the main problems in MLB right now — not enough stars.

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