What Should Philadelphia Phillies Do At The Trade Deadline If They Keep Winning?

By David Goodman
Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies
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The Philadelphia Phillies have now won four games in a row, their longest winning streak since June of 2013. They have won eight out of their last 10 and are now only five games under .500 with a decent shot of taking the NL East crown if they can keep the winning going. Ryan Howard‘s bat has finally come alive and the starting pitching has improved by leaps and bounds during the last month.

So what should the Phillies do at the impending trade deadline if they continue to win?

That’s the question everyone keeps asking and the one no one can seem to answer. Up until as recently as last week, everyone was convinced we were going to see a vast sale as the deadline approached with pretty much the entire roster up for grabs. People kept asking GM Ruben Amaro Jr. when he was going to commit to rebuilding the franchise, a rebuild that many felt should have started last year, and he would only say he was ready if it came to that. Names were already being mentioned as players who would be “off limits” to any trade and others were already trying to figure out which team they might land with.

Through it all, manager Ryne Sandberg seemed convinced his team had a win streak inside them. With it finally here and the NL East still up for grabs, do the Phillies tear everything apart anyway, while the players are doing well and worth more, knowing it has to happen sooner or later? Or do they ride the wave and keep the team in one piece with the hope that a deep playoff run will be their reward?

I would think it’s fairly obvious.

The chance to win a World Series or even make the playoffs doesn’t come around every day in baseball; just ask Roy Halladay, the man who might be one of the greatest pitchers to ever play the game without a World Series ring on his finger. If you ask him, he would no doubt say that you go for it with everything you got because you never know if this will be your last shot.

For this Phillies team, this is most likely their last chance at the postseason. Anything less than a World Series win and the team will be dismantled and traded for prospects and a lower payroll. For players like Howard, Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley it’s now or never.

They have earned a chance to make the postseason and try for another parade down Broad Street. To do anything else would be disrespectful to the fans, the city of Philadelphia and a Phillies team that deserves a chance to go out swinging.

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