Boston Red Sox Need To Blow Up The Roster

By Carter Roane
Boston Red Sox celebrating
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Okay that’s it, Red Sox Nation. Fans got to enjoy this team in their present incarnation where most of the conquering heroes were able to come back for a curtain call for this season. However, now that the 2014 MLB season is almost three months deep, there has to be one disturbing conclusion:

This team isn’t that good.

Well, I shouldn’t say that. The pitching has been fantastic, and that has been what has kept them from not being completely in the cellar for the entire season. It’s the hitting that has been completely inept and is what has been killing the Boston Red Sox all season long. This is more than just a prolonged slump. This is quite simply a team that cannot hit — at all. It hasn’t helped that players like Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz have had down years at the plate and Shane Victorino has barely played.

It won’t be long before Boston is going to reach the point where they are going to become sellers, so it might be time to do it now while they can still get value for some of these players. Boston changed their roster fairly drastically between 2004 and 2005. Now the Red Sox didn’t get too far in the postseason in 2005, but at least they managed to get there. That is looking more and more out of reach at this point for the 2014 team.

This team needs a wake up call. Just when you think it seems to be heading in a positive direction, they seem to take about three giant steps back. Nothing is going to wake up this team other than a drastic overhaul. It might be time to get some fresh faces in there.

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