Atlanta Braves Out of Reasons Not to Release Dan Uggla

By David Miller
Dan Uggla
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When the 2014 regular season started, the Atlanta Braves had hopes that Dan Uggla would become a decent option at second base. That has not happened and the Braves have replaced him with rookie call-up Tommy La Stella. Replace isn’t the right word however because Uggla is still on the roster. When it comes to his work for the team and his daily impact on the Braves, Uggla is holding down a section of the bench. For their part, the Braves are running out of reasons not to just release him.

The word when La Stella was called up was that they did not want to eat the large sum of money that Uggla is owed over the remainder of this season and next season. In all of June however, Uggla has only 10 at-bats and nothing to show for those. In short, the Braves are already eating that contract so there is no reason not to just release Uggla. From his perspective, I am sure Uggla doesn’t like the situation as it is either. What MLB player who has ever been worth anything wants to ride the bench for pay?

I doubt that Uggla would be unwilling to agree to some arrangement that would pay him money and release him to pursue other teams. To pay someone that amount of money to simply sit on the bench is a bad look for the franchise and insulting to the player no matter how badly they have played. Uggla didn’t play nearly to the standard he should have and he knows that I feel sure. To keep him on the bench just to avoid paying him for nothing is ridiculous. They should clear the roster spot and end the situation in whatever way they can agree to do so.

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