New York Mets Must Take Advantage of David Wright Getting Hot

By Bryan Zarpentine
David Wright Mets
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After enduring one of the worst slumps of his career, New York Mets‘ third baseman David Wright is starting to show signs of coming out of his slump and get on a hot streak. Wright getting hot opens the door for the Mets to also go on a hot streak, and they have to take advantage of this opportunity by allowing their best player to take the team on his back between now and the All-Star break without getting in his way.

Wright has 12 hits, including six extra-base hits, over the last seven games, which helped the Mets win three games in a four-game series against the Miami Marlins. That’s a promising start, but it’s not enough. The Mets have 19 games before the All-Star break, and if they can manage to go 13-6 over that span, they will be a game above .500, putting them in a good spot heading into the second half of the season. That’s certainly a lofty goal, but with Wright getting hot and providing a spark to an offensively-starved team that has pitched well this season, it’s not impossible.

Of course, Wright can’t do it himself, and he’ll need help from the rest of the lineup. Curtis Granderson has been on a hot streak throughout the month of June, and he’ll need to continue it now that Wright is heating up as well, regardless of if Granderson stays in the leadoff spot or hits behind Wright in the lineup. Lucas Duda has hit two home runs over the past week and is also showing signs of getting hot. The Mets will also welcome back Travis d’Arnaud after two weeks of tearing up triple-A with an average of .436 and 14 extra-base hits in 15 games. Juan Lagares should also return to the Mets’ lineup soon after being one of their most productive hitters this season when he’s been healthy.

Help may be on the way for the Mets from an offensive standpoint, but it all starts with Wright. When Wright gets hot, he can be the driving force on a team and be the difference maker for a Mets team that has been in close games nearly every day this season. If Wright can keep up his hot streak for a few more weeks, the rest of the Mets’ lineup must do enough in support of him to take advantage of his hot streak and give the Mets a fighting chance to climb back to .500 before the All-Star break; this may be the Mets’ best opportunity to stay close in a competitive NL East.

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