MLB Should Capitalize On Pop Culture

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Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

In an age where football and basketball are dominant in the pop culture, MLB needs to step up to the challenge themselves. They are in the right direction where they have teamed up with MTV and have baseball stars David Ortiz and Andrew McCutchen hosting a show called Off The Bat. The show brings music and baseball together. They introduce some of the biggest names in baseball to fans who may have stepped away because of the turmoil the steroid era brought.

Fox Sports 1 and Ken Griffey Jr. have teamed up for a new television show that premiered last night called Big Sticks. Griffey sits one-on-one with a different baseball player and talks about their experiences hitting and what goes into their everyday ritual. Griffey credits the late Tony Gwynn Sr. for being an inspiration for the show. He credits Gwynn for introducing the usage of video to work on a players swing and fine tuning it throughout the long and rigorous season.

Baseball needs more of this. Baseball needs the game’s stars to shine not only on the baseball diamond, but in the media. This could be a huge help to growing the game of baseball within the United States. Baseball does have the most diversity within the four major professional leagues and could use that to their advantage. They can reach out to former stars who already have television impact with the different broadcasting teams.

The possibilities are endless. It would be a great way to bring stars from the past and present together and hopefully convince young kids and teenagers to be the stars of tomorrow. Different people have been affected by the game of baseball. Let them tell their stories and make it interesting. You never know. The game could grow and again be as popular as it was in the 1990s. Heck, they can even start with the Home Run Derby and make that into something even more exciting and hilarious.

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