New York Mets Topping Scott Kazmir, Oakland A's the Most Important Win in 2014

By Alex Susskind
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On Tuesday night, the New York Mets hosted the top pitching prospect they traded away nearly a decade ago and lit him up. The win doesn’t undue what happened, but it certainly provides some sense of healing for the organization and its fans.

In a season in which the Mets are anything but a serious contender, roughing up arguably the best pitcher on the best team in the majors was more than just another victory. By now everybody knows about Scott Kazmir and the trade 10 years ago. Since the Mets can’t go back in time to undue the deal, the team can only move forward and hope for the best with their current crop of young pitchers. Although Kazmir for Victor Zambrano may still haunt the team, roughing him up last night certainly gave the organization and its fans some sense of healing.

Kazmir is having a career year in his first season with the Oakland A’s. Going into the game, Kazmir had an American League best 2.08 ERA. However, nobody told the Mets that. After scoring 11 runs on the road in Miami on Sunday, what were the chances of the team scoring a double-digit run total against the best pitcher on the best team in the majors? The Mets’ offense erupted for 10 runs and knocked Kazmir out of the game after three innings in what might just be the highlight of their 2014 season.

On paper, it was a win that kept them a half game ahead of the Philadelphia Phillies for fourth place in the division. But this huge victory combined with the arsenal of young arms the Mets have moving forward means that from now on the Kazmir trade will be nothing more than just a harmless punchline among Mets fans.

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