Tim Lincecum Throws Second Career No-Hitter, But Still Isn't Same Freak

By RantSports Staff
Tim Lincecum
Getty Images

Tim Lincecum hasn’t had the greatest of seasons thus far in 2014. Coming into play on Wednesday he was 5-5 with a hefty 4.90 ERA. But once again against the San Diego Padres, the former Cy Young winner decided to throw a no-hitter. This marks the second no-hitter of Lincecum’s career, and the second straight season he’s no-hit the Padres.

Lincecum’s two gems against the Padres make him only the second player in MLB history to no-hit the same team.

So while this outing is no doubt encouraging for San Francisco Giants fans, it doesn’t mean a whole lot in the scheme of things. The Freak is still a fraction of what he used to be on the mound. He’s good, and he proved today that he can still be great at times — but overall he’s been average for several years now.

Obviously the Giants don’t count on him to be a lockdown ace any longer, so these tremendous outing are more of a bonus than anything else. For a team that seems destined for postseason play this year, they’ll just have to hope that Lincecum can rekindle some of this magic in the fall. Because the odds are that he’ll revert back to being average next week.

But at least for one day, The Freak is back. Who knows, maybe he’ll string several top shelf starts together and drop his ERA back down to where it used to be? Either way, Giants fans have to feel better knowing that he can still turn it on and mow down batters at times.

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