Freddie Freeman Set For MVP Run For Atlanta Braves

By Steven Whitaker
Freddie Freeman
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There used to be a time for the Atlanta Braves when a man named Chipper Jones roamed the infield and was a contender for an MVP title almost any season he played. Since his retirement, there has been a definite shift in power for the Braves, with first baseman Freddie Freeman taking leadership in the lineup. As he has gotten more experience and had his eyes fixed, there is no doubt that he is the most potent and consistent bat in the Braves’ lineup. In 2014, after going through a terrible slump, he has set himself up for a run at a possible MVP title.

Even though the lineup has struggled at times, Freeman has been a driving force throughout the season. As he goes, the lineup goes. Going into July, he has 13 home runs, on pace for 26, yet only driving in 41 runs, on pace for about 82. However, expect that last number to climb as the season goes on. We are almost halfway through the season and we haven’t seen the best out of the team, or Freeman for that matter.

What sets Freddie apart from most of the other candidates is the fact that he is one of the most trustworthy gloves when it comes to NL first basemen. He isn’t necessarily the best, but with his bat comes the glove, which has a fielding percentage of .994 so far this season. Along with Gold Glover Andrelton Simmons, he makes the Braves’ infield one of the best defensively in all of baseball, and especially in the National League.

Along with the slump that has occurred this season, it isn’t too far-fetched to believe that Freeman can win the MVP award this season. It’s clear that the team needs someone to carry it, and he will show up huge in the second half of the season, making a run at a title that hasn’t been seen it Atlanta since 1999.

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