Los Angeles Dodgers Have Best Batting Lineup in the National League

By Chris Loud
St Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Dodgers
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After beating the St. Louis Cardinals 9 to 1 at home Saturday evening, the Los Angeles Dodgers proved they have the best batting lineup available in the National League. The reason for their crazy strong lineup is from a few unexpected places.

First of all, Matt Kemp is hitting again. He may not be the same guy, but he’s an impact player again. When you put him in the lineup with other big hitters like Adrian Gonzalez, Hanley Ramirez and Yasiel Puig, runs go on the board quick, as they did in today’s game against the Cardinals in the second inning.

Puig’s consistency has been impressive, and he’s staying on the base paths to score runs. Ramirez has been solid as always, and Andre Ethier is playing great ball. Juan Uribe is back, providing some more experience and depth in the lineup, while also lending his ability for timely hitting.

The biggest surprise of the season is Dee Gordon. Everyone knew he had speed, and since moving to second base, his fielding ability has been outstanding. In fact, the Dodgers have gone nine games straight without an error. That’s a huge difference from the season before, and largely the reason why they are consistently winning.

Gordon’s hitting is what really has people taking a closer look at the skinny infielder. There’s even talk now about him making the All-Star squad. Having major speed that can hit like Gordon and Puig, the set up situation for guys like Gonzalez and Kemp is perfect.

In order for the Dodgers to continue making moves on the San Francisco Giants, the only thing that needs significant work is the relief pitching. There have been some shaky outings by some of the relievers for the Dodgers.

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