New York Mets Should Not Trade Daniel Murphy

By Alex Susskind
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With the trade deadline about a month away, rumors have surfaced that the New York Mets may be willing to trade second baseman Daniel Murphy. However, the Mets would be wise to hang onto him.

Murphy is definitely the most appealing position player the Mets have at their disposal as the trade deadline approaches. The New York Daily News has named the San Francisco Giants and Toronto Blue Jays as possible suitors for the 29-year-old second-baseman.

Despite how easy it would be to move Murphy considering his .298 bating average and his relatively low $5.7 million salary for 2014 to a team whose farm system the Mets trust, Murphy should remain a Met. Are the Mets sellers this year? Of course. Should they be sellers? Yes. But Murphy should be viewed as a part of their future alongside David Wright and Lucas Duda on the Mets infield as the team becomes a playoff contender within the next couple of years.

Right now Murphy is only 29 years-old. By the time the Mets are scheduled to be a serious contender, Murphy will only be in his early 30s and still in the midst of his prime. When evaluating him, the fact that he missed significant time with injuries and switched positions should be considered. Murphy may be 29 years old and in his sixth season, but this only his third full season as the everyday second-baseman. In his time with the team, Murphy has proven to be a consistently reliable number two hitter, who can get on base and hit at Citi Field.

Murphy is entering his prime right as the pitching staff is developing into one of the better ones in the league. With his penchant for hitting at Citi Field and at least a couple of prime seasons left in him once this team starts to contend, Murphy should be part of their foundation moving forward.

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