You Can Lead the New York Mets to Water but You Can't Make Them Drink

By Alex Susskind
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Jenrry Mejia managed to work his way out of almost certain disaster in the bottom of the tenth inning following a terrible call against his team, but the New York Mets still couldn’t help themselves against the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight.

It’s turning into a motif this season. The pitching is virtually lights out but the offense hangs them out to dry. Tonight, Jacob deGrom lasted 6.2 innings giving up only 2 earned runs. The bullpen was solid until the eleventh inning. Mejia worked out of runners on second and third with nobody out jam in the bottom of the tenth inning following a terrible blown call by the umpire. However, the Mets only managed to generate two runs on a Lucas Duda hit in the 4th inning.

This game can be viewed as the glass being half empty vs. the glass being half full for this rebuilding team. The glass is half full in that the young pitching is developing nicely and is on its way to being one of the most elite rotations/bullpens in the league. While the glass is half empty in that the offense still is abysmal in comparison to the young arms. The fact of the matter is that the Mets need to make important decisions about who is and isn’t able to cut the mustard moving forward as this team has their eyes on playoff contention within the next couple of seasons.

With David Wright headed back to New York due to a sore shoulder after the team lost their third consecutive game, things can really spiral out of control–unless every Mets pitcher can learn to hit like Bartolo Colon.

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