Atlanta Braves Blessed to Have all Pieces They Need Within Organization

By David Miller
Shae Simmons
Getty Images

All over MLB there are teams swimming all over the trade market to find what they need. Some need another starting pitcher while others are trying to search for the key bat that will get them through. Countless teams on the bubble of contention need bullpen arms just like every season in baseball. The Atlanta Braves are one of the few blessed teams in the game that have all they need within their own organization. This is an astounding feat considering their situation.

With the loss of Gavin Floyd for the season the Braves have now lost three actual and effective starting pitchers for the season since the beginning of Spring Training. The masterful moves made during the key moments of Spring Training to sign Aaron Harang and Ervin Santana should be enough to carry Frank Wren, team GM, over and above any down talk for at least a couple of seasons. That goes double for Fredi Gonzalez and the rest of the coaching staff.

Out of their own well built organization the Braves have filled the rest of the needs they have had. These have included a new everyday second baseman, a near clone of devastating closer Craig Kimbrel in Shae Simmons and Alex Wood materializing on demand to fill a hole in the rotation. The list of teams that could do what the Braves have done this season and still find themselves in first place nearing the halfway point of the season could be counted on one hand.

Who knows how far the Braves will go this season? The Washington Nationals are very good and are getting healthy at the right time. It could be that the Braves fight hard and miss the playoffs by a hair. Sitting right here and right now, I think every Braves fan on the face of the earth should be thankful to the heavens and the team’s amazing scouting work that they are even in the race at all. To think that they could be favorites going forward is stunning and should be unthinkable. The only thing more shocking is that the team’s fan base will still find something to complain about along the way.

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