Tommy La Stella is Still the Best 2B Option for the Atlanta Braves

By Steven Whitaker
Tommy La Stella
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The Atlanta Braves have had trouble at second base over the course of the season. Dan Uggla obviously didn’t work, but the replacement, Tommy La Stella, started his major league career on an absolute tear. Then he went on a little bit of a cold snap, going 3-for-26 over the past eight games. However, it seems like the Braves have made the correct choice and could have a long-term choice at second base for the future.

It looks like Uggla has seen his time come and go, but the way La Stella plays on a day-to-day basis is quite impressive. Now I understand that it doesn’t mean everything to play hard if you don’t produce, but that’s where he is different from past second basemen. They have a young man who could go out on a daily basis, work his butt off on his defense and hit pretty much anywhere in the lineup when he gets more experience against major league pitching.

When it comes to the position, La Stella is the best option for the Braves. He has great potential and could possibly be high on the list of players Frank Wren looks to extend when arbitration comes knocking for him. Granted, he isn’t and won’t be the best second baseman in the major leagues or the National League, but he is the most solid option that the Braves have at the moment. If they look to replace him, the only person that they have in the minor leagues with potential to replace him soon is Philip Gosselin, who may act as trade bait for a reliever this season.

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