Tommy La Stella Really Has a Chance to be Awesome After Slump for Atlanta Braves

By David Miller
Tommy La Stella
Getty Images

It is well documented that Tommy La Stella went through a bad slump recently. Some probably wondered if that slump would be the beginning of the rest of La Stella’s career but those who thought that do not know La Stella very well. Defense was a slight question when he was in the minor leagues. Now and then his range factor or something else would come into question. What never came into question was his ability to put the bat on the ball.

Even during the slump, La Stella rarely struck out. That is a huge plus for any player. If you watch La Stella closely, you can see how good he is at simply putting the bat on the ball. That sounds so simple but since Atlanta Braves fans have watched Dan Uggla miss the ball a lot for the last few seasons, they know better than to take this for granted. I don’t know who is coming up in the Braves system in the next few years that really has a chance to unseat La Stella if he keeps this going.

It is just so valuable to know that this hitter will put the bat on the baseball more often than not. Sure, he hits into a double play now and then and stumbles into a force out on the wrong side. On Sunday he failed to get a bunt down and there will be other issues. As long as he is not striking out however, one issue will not be whether or not he belongs in MLB. He belongs and as far as Braves fans are concerned, he belongs right there in Atlanta.

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