Evan Gattis' Injury Could Cost Atlanta Braves

By Steven Whitaker
Evan Gattis
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As the legend continues to grow, Atlanta Braves catcher Evan Gattis continues to wow people around MLB with his tremendous skills as an offensive catcher. People are told to pray for the baseballs when he is hit by a pitch; when baseballs are hit out of the park, we should pray for the person’s hand that was unfortunate enough to catch the ball. However, El Oso Blanco (The White Bear) has fallen to the 15-day disabled list with a bulging disc in his back.

For the Braves, this could be very detrimental to their offense. It is well known that the team has struggled over the course of the season to score runs on a consistent basis. With Gattis on a hot streak, he gave the team some solidity in the middle of the lineup. What makes him so important is the fact that he gives Freddie Freeman, Justin Upton and now Jason Heyward some protection in the lineup.

Granted, Gerald Laird has done a very good job over the course of the season filling in for Gattis, but he doesn’t bring fear to pitchers like the White Bear does. Anytime Gattis steps to the plate, he gives the team a chance to score at least one run. With him hitting behind Freeman, Upton and Heyward, the middle of this lineup can be quite potent when they all start clicking together. However, without him, there isn’t protection and the lineup may start the fall apart without the help of their hottest, and best, power hitter over the past month or so. If that happens, this team could fade away, but let’s hope not.

The good thing that comes from the stint on the DL is the fact that Christian Bethancourt is getting some experience playing in the major leagues. The chances of him staying in the majors for the rest of the season are low, seeing that B.J. Upton is all of a sudden hitting. However, this experience will pay off, and when Gattis comes back, get ready to pray for some baseballs.

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