Miami Marlins Seriously Hurt Their Chances Of Re-signing Giancarlo Stanton

By Ryan Gaydos
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The Houston Astros were hurt in a big way when information from their trade talks with other organizations leaked and was released to the public. As much as the Astros are hurting, however, the Miami Marlins are about to take an even bigger hit for other reasons.

One of the leaks stated the Marlins tried to trade outfielder Giancarlo Stanton for Astros prospects George Springer and Carlos Correa. Granted, this was 10 months ago before Springer was called up and started hitting home runs at will, and before Correa broke his fibula, leaving him in the dugout for the remainder of the season; however, what this doesn’t change is that the Marlins lied to arguably their biggest star.

Regardless of whether GM Dan Jennings denies the trade talks, the rest of the teams in the league have already acknowledged the talks with the Astros. Jennings is yanking Stanton’s chain in Miami and at the completely wrong time.

The Marlins have said that they would like to re-sign Stanton to a long-term extension, which is going to cost the the team big time. Stanton has already said the vibe is getting better, which should mean the world to Miami because he is not going to re-sign unless there is stability in the organization.

With this recent news, however, everything the Marlins have worked for is damaged, and the chances of Miami re-signing Stanton are seriously dampened.

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