Atlanta Braves Rumors: Dan Uggla Trade is Perfect Scenario

By Steven Whitaker
Dan Uggla
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The trade deadline is quickly approaching for the Atlanta Braves, and the rest of MLB for that matter. We have already seen one blockbuster trade sending Jeff Samardzija to the Oakland A’s, and there very well may be a few more big trades that go down.

For the Braves, don’t look for a trade that will rock ESPN headlines; however, look for them to simply improve their team based on need and bring a more solid team into the second half of the season. In order to create more salary cap space for trades, Frank Wren has to bust his butt trying to do one thing: trade Dan Uggla.

Yes, he is way past his prime and he may never start another game in the major leagues. Therefore, who wants to pay a back-up player $13 million? Before you say nobody would, remember that crazier things have happened in baseball. This trade may not make financial sense to many teams, but there are teams out there that are middle-of-the-pack that need a bench bat that has some power. That’s about all Uggla has at this point, even though the Braves haven’t seen it since he is on the bench every day. The team’s need for Uggla on the roster just blocks the Braves from using Tommy La Stella, Philip Gosselin and Jose Peraza properly.

Why it makes perfect sense for the Braves to shop the heck out of Uggla is simple. They would get rid of $13 million dollars of cap space this season and next, which will allow Wren to go out and get a relief pitcher or second baseman, since that’s apparently what they want. Do I think a trade is likely? No way. But it could happen, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Uggla in a different uniform some time soon, even if that does mean the Braves just release him.

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