Los Angeles Dodgers Acquiring David Price Economically Important

By Ryan Gaydos
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The Los Angeles Dodgers topped MLB with an opening-day payroll of approximately $235 million. Collecting high contracts like Zack Greinke, Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett along with re-signing Clayton Kershaw is going to do that to your team. So, what would be the reason for the Dodgers going after Tampa Bay Rays left-handed pitcher David Price?

The Dodgers would inevitably have to re-sign Price because a rotation of Kershaw, Greinke, Hyun-Jin Ryu and Price is just too good to pass up. There are underlying reasons as to why the Dodgers would go after Price before the trade deadline hits July 31. The most obvious reason in front of everyone is the competition between the Dodgers and rival San Francisco Giants. Both teams are going to be battling each other for the NL West this summer and it is only going to get dicier as the summer wears on. Adding Price to the core would give Los Angeles a huge leg up.

However, there is another major reason.

Nearly 70 percent of the Dodgers’ market is blacked out. Television companies DirecTV and Time Warner are both battling each other for Dodgers games and neither side has reached an agreement to settle the dispute. Putting Price on the team puts more pressure on both companies to settle so the fans can watch Dodgers’ games on television.

Los Angeles can quickly help its fans watch games, which would feature a star-studded cast. If the dispute was not settled, there could be some major backlash coming to both companies from the fans and even potentially the franchise itself.

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