Sleeping Fan Sues New York Yankees, MLB, ESPN for Defamation

Andrew Rector


Fans napping at baseball games has become a common scene. However, when Andrew Rector found himself as the focal point of a light-hearted quip during a broadcast of a New York YankeesBoston Red Sox game on April 13, the fan wasn’t going to let his humiliation go unnoticed.

Following his on-air display, Rector is suing the Yankees, MLB and ESPN for the “disparaging words” uttered during Dan Schulman and John Kruk’s “unending verbal crusade” against him.

In the fourth inning of the aforementioned game, Schulman and Kruk began joking about Rector, who had nodded off in his seat. While none of their words were harsh or hurtful, they did pester the point for over a minute as the Yankees fan slept. Still, it seems a little ridiculous to take it to the level that Rector and his attorney have.

In the suit, the two claim that the ESPN broadcasters insinuated that Rector is “someone of a confused state of mind, disgusted disgruntled and unintelligent and probably intellectually bankrupt individual.” It really makes me wonder if the lawyer even watched the video, or if he just scribbled some notes while Rector angrily ranted about the incident. He saw dollar signs, and said, “Eh, why not?”

What’s even more entertaining is the fact that the document is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. If you’re going to put together some bogus suit, at least take the time to proofread.

It seems you really can sue anyone for anything these days. I certainly hope Rector isn’t expecting anything to come of this.

H/T to The Smoking Gun for the documentation

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  • Johnny Cash

    what did you expect after 25 hotdogs?

  • Gerardo

    I would be very concerned for his health. He should seek treatment if he hasn’t. Seriously. I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and he fits the profile too. I fell asleep during the premiere of Godzilla if you can believe that, but I fell much better now.

  • Sam S

    Sleeping fans are suing ESPN…..sleeping Republicans are suing President Obama… gotta love Americas. If we aren’t sleeping we’re suing and if we aren’t suing we’re sleeping.