Atlanta Braves Rumors: A Trade For Jake Peavy Is Unnecessary

By Steven Whitaker
Jake Peavy
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As the non-waiver trade deadline  draws near, the Atlanta Braves have openly been in the buyer’s market for at least one pitcher, if not two. While some of the rumored deals make total sense, there are some that may do more damage to the team than help. One such rumored deal is with the Boston Red Sox, with the report that the Braves are interested with veteran starting pitcher Jake Peavy.

This really doesn’t make much sense to me from the Braves’ perspective. While Peavy could certainly help some teams around the league, the Braves just don’t seem like they are one of them. While pitching is a concern, their starting pitching has actually been a strength as the season has gone on. If they want to shake up a starting rotation that leads all of baseball in quality starts (64) and have a good ERA of 3.31, they may do more harm than good.

Granted, there’s no way that Peavy is going to command any top-notch prospects when it comes to trade, but with the season that the Red Sox are having, they will surely want young pitchers who are ready to pitch in the major leagues either now or in the next year. We all know how good the Braves have been over the years at keeping pitching depth in the minor leagues, but with pitchers like Ervin Santana and Aaron Harang unlikely to return next year, the need to keep some of those young arms is quite important.

If this trade was happening three or four years ago, the Braves would be silly to not attempt to get it done; however, it just doesn’t make sense now. If the Braves were to give up one of their young arms for a guy who has an ERA of 4.64, the depth that fans once knew of will be diminished, and the team will be shopping for arms for years to come.

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