Chicago Cubs Get Approval For Wrigley Field Renovations; Fans Have To Accept Change

By Andrew Fisher
Wrigley Field
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Renovations are officially coming to Wrigley Field. The iconic home of the Chicago Cubs has been the subject of debate for quite some time now, as the team has wanted to update its 100-year old home. The only remaining obstacle potentially in the way of the Wrigley updates? The Wrigleyville Rooftop Association.

But after a three-hour meeting at City Hall with the Commission on Chicago Landmarks, the Cubs have been given the go-ahead to make $575 million worth of renovations. The upgrades will include seven new signs, more seats, additional lights, larger clubhouses and a change in location for the bullpens (from foul territory to under the bleachers).

When it comes to the famous/infamous bleachers, there’s also talk that the current set will be destroyed and new ones will be added. That potential change will certainly ruffle some feathers.

Wrigley Field Renovations

The Cubs are apparently not concerned with the Rooftop Association at this point, which has threatened legal action against the club per violation of an agreement put in place back in 2004 regarding signs obstructing fans’ views.

As much as it’s depressing to know that some of the classic parts of Wrigley will be destroyed in the coming months, these updates are probably the best thing for the old-timey ballpark. There’s certainly something to be said for nostalgia, but there’s also something to be said for keeping up with the times.

Wrigley is always going to feel special because of it’s location and construction style. Even after it gets a 21st century face lift, it will still feel different than any other ballpark in MLB. That special feeling fans get while watching games there won’t go away just because of a few new signs and modern updates.

At least it’s not a shopping mall with a ballpark in it like most places teams call home these days.

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