New York Yankees Should Change Philosophy After Masahiro Tanaka Injury

By Arthur Dowell
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

It is time for the New York Yankees to throw in the towel. In the mediocre AL East race, they have been able to stay in the race up until they received the news on rookie pitcher Masahiro Tanaka.

Tanaka is expected to miss six weeks minimum, but it is not ruled out that he may need Tommy John surgery, an epidemic among young pitchers in MLB. If the inflammation does not go down and he ultimately does decide to get the procedure, the Yankees may not see the pitcher until 2016.

The Yankees have seen their fair share of injuries these last two seasons, but unlike last year, now they are seeing a lot of their pitching staff go down. Only one of the starting pitchers from opening day is still in the rotation in Hiroki Kuroda. The team may go the rest of the season without three of them, CC Sabathia, Tanaka and Ivan Nova

The team is known for being contenders, but this year, they may need to just step back and make way for some younger guys to make an impact. They do not have many pieces to trade to make the team contenders again overnight. General manager Brian Cashman should see what he can get done by the trade deadline with the little he has to work with. Even if the Yankees were to trade for a pitcher or two, the starting rotation would still be very shaky and hard to imagine them competing for a playoff spot.

The lineup could also be facing a lot of questions in the second half with their age playing a role in the everyday players, and if anybody were to get injured, the Yankees have little depth to make up for the starters. This will be a great chance to see what the young players in the farm system have in them and if they are in the Yankees’ future plans or trade plans. As of today, the Yankees’ postseason chances look more bleak by the passing day and teams are less likely to trade as players continue to fall like dominoes. They simply look beat up and defeated.

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