Atlanta Braves Rumors: Dan Uggla Has to Go Now

By Steven Whitaker
Dan Uggla
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Now comes the time where most Atlanta Braves fans become so happy that one may believe that the team has won a World Series title. Late Saturday night, it became known throughout Twitter that second baseman Philip Gosselin was being called up to the major-league club, which sent Braves country into an absolute frenzy. The main thought, that Dan Uggla was being designated for assignment, excited people for some reason. However bad it is, though, that someone is losing their job, it is really best for the team if these rumors are true.

Then, when everyone woke up on Sunday, we found out that due to an internal matter, Uggla had been suspended for one game. Enter the most confused fanbase in all of baseball. There is a player who has made only two starts in the remote past that has been suspended from the team for one game for what is believed to be tardiness. A player who doesn’t play, ever, gets suspended for being late? Weird.

However, this is quite likely a move to give the team some time to attempt to put Uggla in a trade package before the All-Star game. With this being the last game for four days, the team has plenty of time to try to hash out a deal for a bench bat or, more importantly, a good bullpen arm. Yet, it seems that if a trade doesn’t happen soon, it is highly likely that Uggla will be released by the time the team returns from the break. The team would much rather trade Uggla and not have to eat his entire contract over the next two seasons, but the chances of that seem really slim. However, without him on the roster, it opens the possibility to put a better bat on the bench and to remove some of the drama from the team.

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