2014 MLB All-Star Game: Derek Jeter Wisely Selected To Bat Leadoff, Clayton Kershaw Snubbed

By RantSports Staff
Derek Jeter
David Banks — USA TODAY Sports

Let’s be honest — the 2014 MLB All-Star Game is all about Derek Jeter. Sure, there’s a midsummer classic to be played, and homefield advantage in the World Series to determine — but everyone will be watching for those unforgettable moments involving the New York Yankees iconic shortstop.

In a wise move, AL manager John Farrell has put Jeter in the leadoff spot for Tuesday night’s contest. Although Jeter won’t be the first player to bat in the ASG, he’ll get a moment right out of the gate in the bottom of the first inning. It will be one of many moments for the long-time Yankees’ Captain.

In addition to Jeter being placed in the AL leadoff spot, the starting pitchers for each team have also been announced.

Felix Hernandez will get the nod for AL, while Adam Wainwright will get the nod for the NL. Mike Matheny‘s decision to start his guy over Clayton Kershaw will be much talked about over the next 24 hours, but overall it’s hard to say that Wainwright is a bad choice to start the game.

Does Kershaw deserve the nod over him? Yes. But you can’t blame Matheny for picking his own guy. That sort of thing happens frequently in the midsummer classic.

Again, this game is way more about Jeter than it is about the starting pitchers. It’s unlikely that fans will talk about Kershaw’s ‘snub’ 20 years from now, but they may still be talking about the final time The Captain played in the ASG.

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