Milwaukee Brewers Still Team to Beat in NL Despite Recent Slump

By Michael Terrill
Milwaukee Brewers
Getty Images

The Milwaukee Brewers slumped hard in the 13 games prior to the All-Star break. It was so bad that Milwaukee only managed to win two of those contests. Despite looking like a ship without its captain, the Brewers are still the team to beat in the National League as the first half of the 2014 MLB season comes to a close.

No one gave the Brewers a chance prior to the start of the season. Most publications had them finishing either second to last or dead last in the NL Central. Yes, that means that some MLB writers predicted the Chicago Cubs would finish with a better record than Milwaukee this season. Obviously, those writers were way off as the Brewers have the perfect combination of offense and stellar pitching to get the job done. Both have failed in the last two weeks, but overall, have led to many victories.

Milwaukee has overcome injuries as well, which has been a huge issue for the team the past couple of years. Ryan Braun and Aramis Ramirez have struggled to stay in the lineup on a consistent basis, but for the most part, the Brewers have managed to remain healthy. At this point, that is one of the biggest concerns in the second half, as any significant injuries will certainly derail Milwaukee’s season.

The Brewers have two major challenges that they will face at the start of the second half. For starters, they must find a way to get everything running on all cylinders once again. Otherwise, the losing will continue. The bigger challenge will be how the team will handle the emotional curveball that was thrown at them over the weekend when it was revealed that Jean Segura’s son had passed away from an illness.

If Milwaukee can come firing out of the gate in the second half the same way they started the season, they will be well on their way to separating them from the rest of the division in the standings. Not to mention, gaining the necessary momentum to carry down the stretch.

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