Atlanta Braves’ All-Star Freddie Freeman Will Improve in Second Half

By David Miller
Freddie Freeman
Getty Images

When it comes time to vote for the MVP of each MLB team, Freddie Freeman will always make the top few vote-getters for the Atlanta Braves. He made the All-Star team this year for his second consecutive season but his year has not measured up to the one he enjoyed one year ago as of yet. Don’t be surprised however if you see the All-Star Game used as a springboard for Freeman. Look for him to have a second half that puts him into the NL MVP vote once again.

The fact that the Braves are doing as well as they are is some due to their pitching staff but surely any offensive plus that they have is always going to stem from Freeman. Whether he is going well or not, Freeman is vital to the team’s offense. Certainly they can win games when he is slumping but not nearly as easily. His position in the batting order is perfect because he is the core of their offense without a doubt.

His WAR stat is nowhere nearly as good as some of the other All-Stars in the NL right now. Do not be surprised if his stat jumps more than twice its current value. It isn’t all that surprising that he is not viewed as the best offensive first baseman in the NL or the best defensive first baseman in the league. Within the next few seasons however, he will probably become known as one of the best all-around first basemen in all of MLB.

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