Colorado Rockies No Longer Deserve Support of the Fans

By Court Zierk
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I have lived in Colorado my entire life, which amounts to more than three decades of unconditional support for the place I call home. I bleed the orange and blue of my beloved Denver Broncos. I dream in the blue and yellow hues of my Denver Nuggets. I have just begun dipping my toes into burgundy and blue waters of the Colorado Avalanche, but I can already state with conviction that no other team tugs at my heart strings with such force.

I have endured my fair share of frustrations through the years, but through it all, I can honestly say that each team makes a consistent effort to put a quality product on the field, court or ice respectively. And in the event the product doesn’t live up to the collective expectations of the fans and the community as a whole, wholesale changes are made.

I love Colorado beers. I drink Colorado whiskey. I support Colorado business in whatever capacity I can. I work extremely hard to provide a home, sustenance and entertainment for my wife and three kids, and I am extremely selective with how my money is spent.

Which brings me to my purpose for writing this. I can no longer justify spending another dime on a franchise that has no intention of putting together something the people of Colorado can be proud of — the Colorado Rockies.

Dick Monfort, Chairman/CEO of the Rockies, and part owner, has come under fire this week for a series of emails shared with a longtime Rockies fan who was extremely vocal in her frustrations with the Rockies organization, and Dick in particular. In response to her frustration and outward expression of disappointment in the team’s performance, Monfort stated “Maybe Denver doesn’t deserve a franchise.”

Separately, in response to a comment card left by a gentleman as he was exiting the stadium, Monfort replied, “if the product and experience are that bad don’t come!”

He has since pathetically backtracked on his witless responses by issuing a public statement to the same fans whose dignity he was still wiping off the soul of his Salvatore Ferragamos. Sorry Mr. Monfort, but the damage is done.

You must think us Coloradans are mindless lemmings who traipse out to your beautiful ballpark without a single thought rolling around in our hollow brain case. I assure you this is far from the truth.

We understand that “Rocktober” was the result of a fluky two months of baseball that led to the only appearance in a World Series. We acknowledge that 2009 was far less fluky, and you somehow managed to assemble a decent product. But while we understand that the product on the field wasn’t a fluke, we full-heartedly believe that you being able to construct a contending roster was.

And then there is the other seven years and six months of baseball since you took over full control of the team in 2005, where your team has averaged 73 wins per season. That is 16 games under .500 in case you can’t do the math.

But it isn’t even the poor performance that fans are upset about. It is your complete unwillingness to admit your mistakes and make any meaningful changes within the baseball “minds” that run your operations.

You have on multiple occasions, explicitly stated, or otherwise insinuated, that Dan O’Dowd is one of the best GMs in MLB. You even went so far recently as to challenge another disgruntled fan to provide the “name or names of people you think would be better.”

As I speak during this extended All-Star weekend break, the roster your “All-Star” GM has has assembled has managed slug their way to fourth-worst record in all of baseball. So you want names? I can provide you at least 27 others right now.

So you may be wondering where I am headed with all of this. Not that it matters one iota to you, but I am hereby instituting a ban on the Rockies and the baseball geniuses that run the organization until you show enough courage to institute some change. I will do my best to gain viral support for my ban to see if we, as residents of this beautiful state and the entire Rocky Mountain region, can hurt you where it matters most to you: your pocketbook.

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