Inclusion of Pete Rose In 2015 All-Star Game Is Important For MLB, Cincinnati Reds

By Grant E. Doepel
Inclusion Of Pete Rose In 2015 All Star Game Is Big For MLB And Cincinnati Reds
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On Tuesday, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and Cincinnati Reds owner Bob Castellini said that the inclusion of “Hit King” Pete Rose would be permitted for the 2015 All-Star Game held in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s an announcement that is huge for the city of Cincinnati as well as Major League Baseball. Perhaps Castellini put it best when asked the question “how do you tell the story of baseball in Cincinnati or the story of the Cincinnati Reds without Rose?”

“You don’t,” Reds owner Bob Castellini told The Enquirer on Tuesday.

“We plan on using him wherever Major League Baseball is comfortable with, but we’re certainly going to include him,” Castellini said.

It’s a wonderful thing to hear, regardless of if you are a Reds fan or just a fan of baseball in general. Despite his off the field transgressions, Rose is one of the greatest hitters the game has ever seen. Forcing the Reds to exclude him while asking them at the same time to showcase their rich baseball history would have been a monumental misstep on behalf of Major League Baseball. Smartly, Selig and MLB will allow the Reds to recognize arguably the greatest player in franchise history.

“That’ll be up to the Cincinnati club, and they know what they can do and they can’t do. They’ve been very good about that. We haven’t had that discussion,” Selig said.

“It’s sort of subjective, they’ve done some things with Pete, but they’ve been very, very thoughtful and limited. That’s a subject that I’m sure they’ll discuss in the next year. They’re all here, but that’s not a subject that’s come up.”

Naturally, the question presented itself as well regarding the commissioner’s stance on Rose’s banishment and whether or not it has changed.

“It’s a matter under advisement. That’s my standard line,” Selig said. “I’m the judge and that’s where it’ll stay. There’s nothing new.”

For the Reds, and Rose, this is yet another step in the right direction towards allowing one of the game’s greatest players back into the game he loves. The 2015 All-Star Game, as well as receiving special permission from Selig in 2010 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his record-breaking hit, are hopefully examples of the future decisions regarding Rose and his acceptance back into the good graces of Major League Baseball.

However, for now fans can rejoice the fact that at least Rose is able to join the Reds on the city’s biggest baseball day since 1990. And as Castellini said, how in the world could you appropriately celebrate the rich history of the Queen City without including its King?

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