World Series Champion Now More Likely to Come From AL

By Jacob Kornhauser
MLB All Star Game
Getty Images

In each of the last five seasons, the team with home-field advantage in the World Series has won baseball’s championship series. Obviously, home-field advantage means a lot in a playoff series in any sport, but more so in baseball because it’s the only sport that provides the home team an actual strategic advantage. That advantage comes in getting to bat last and try to walk off, if possible.

With their 5-3 win tonight, the AL now has the advantage in the World Series. That’s music to the ears of powerhouses in the AL such as the Oakland AthleticsLos Angeles Angels and Detroit Tigers. Clearly, this doesn’t mean all is lost for the NL. What it does mean is that whatever team comes out of the NL is going to have a much tougher road.

After taking an early 3-0 lead on the National League, the American League let the Senior Circuit tie it up. However, stringing together a few hits, the AL was able to plate two and go back up 5-3. With shutdown closer after shutdown closer stepping up for them, the American League was able to hold onto the lead and claim that all-important home-field advantage.

No matter what teams are pitted against each other in the World Series, we all now know for sure that the American League has a slight advantage going in. As is the case with anything in sports, anything can happen, but having home-field advantage is vital in the World Series. With their gutsy win, the American League got that advantage. Who knows, maybe the New York Yankees and living legend Derek Jeter have one last run in them and the All-Star Game won’t be the last time The Captain is playing on a national stage.

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