Free at Last: Atlanta Braves Finally Cut Ties with Dan Uggla in a Great Move

By David Miller
Dan Uggla
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As fans of most MLB teams would likely do, fans of the Atlanta Braves mark certain special moments in their team’s history to remember. They know about the catch by Otis Nixon and the time Ken Caminiti ran over Greg Olson and broke his leg. Who could forget the World Series run in 1995 and the 14 consecutive division titles? The big news for the Braves goes back as far as most can remember to the days of Hank Aaron and before. Today marks a very special day as well though as the Braves have finally cut ties with second baseman Dan Uggla.

Before the dancing in the street begins, we should all wish well to Uggla. He was one of the premiere second baseman in the game if not in the top two or three when the Braves signed him. It is very easy to throw stones now at the GM for giving him so much money but at the time the deal was signed; the Braves expected that they were penning the best offensive second baseman in MLB for several years. That of course is not how it happened.

Wherever thing went wrong for the two sides, Uggla has no one but himself to blame. Some say that he never hit crooked pitches and suddenly stopped being able to catch up to the fastballs that everyone threw. Who knows what happened but this much is true; he isn’t going to add to the Braves strikeout total anymore. That is good news because the Braves strike out enough as it is. The fact that Uggla is gone might be reason for some to celebrate but for the Braves it marks an opportunity.

They have remained in the race for the NL East while wasting a spot on their roster for Uggla who has largely done nothing since Tommy La Stella came up to the big leagues. Now they can bring up a better pinch hitting option or even another good utility infielder that can be used in many ways. Maybe they will make a quick move for a reliever and use the spot creatively for that. Whatever happens, the Braves fans can now stop talking about Uggla because finally he is gone. The Braves are still on the hook for his contract money but who cares? At least both sides can now move on.

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