Scooter Gennett Leading Milwaukee Brewers

By Pete Schwichtenberg
Milwaukee Brewers Scooter Gennett
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Ideal leadoff hitters work counts and find anyway to get on base. While Carlos Gomez has speed and tremendous power, his free-swinging ways do not allow him to be the best option at leadoff for the Milwaukee Brewers. Second baseman Scooter Gennett is their best option. In Gennett, the Brewers not only have a slap hitting lefty who can work the count, but a player who can be at the top of the lineup for the next decade.

Since being selected in the 16th round of the 2009 June draft, Gennett has been nothing short of awesome for the Brewers. Though he does not have tremendous size of most athletes, (5-foot-10, 107 pounds) he was quickly able to climb the ladder of the minor leauges and work his way to the majors.

His scrappy play allows him to play much bigger than his small frame. Through just 154 career games, Gennett has compiled an outstanding .315 batting average. Even more impressive are his 14 home runs, many of which were crushed into the seats.

This season, he has batted in every position in the lineup besides the cleanup spot, and excelled everywhere. As an eight hitter he was a perfect hitter to get on base in front of the pitcher and help turn the lineup over. As a two-hitter, where he is currently hitting now, he has the ability to advance runners and work a walk in front of the big bats.

But the most favorable spot for both Gennett and the Brewers is the leadoff spot. In 16 games at the top, Gennett has an amazing .362 batting average, with 15 runs scored and two home runs. Aside for his stellar numbers, his patient eye and pesky ability to wear pitchers down makes him the club’s best option at the top of the lineup.

In a lineup that is filled with free-swingers, Gennett is a refreshing change of pace. For years, the Brewers have shuffled players in and out of the leadoff spot. When they finally stick to Gennett at the top of the order they will not have to make a change for a long time.

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