Kyle Kendrick Showing Philadelphia Phillies He Really Is That Bad

By David Goodman
Kyle Kendrick Philadelphia Phillies
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

To say Kyle Kendrick has had a rough season would be like saying the Philadelphia Phillies have seen better days — a huge understatement. Kendrick has always struggled and his pitching has never been what you would call pretty, but in the past he could usually get the job with a bit of help from the defense.

Not so much this year.

With the entire Phillies roster playing some really bad baseball, it has been revealed just how awful Kendrick is. His ERA is a terrible 4.87, and over the course of his last five starts he has allowed 36 hits and 24 earned runs. Saturday night he was particularly bad, even for him, allowing six earned runs in just five innings and told The Inquirer:

“It’s been a tough year for me. I don’t know why; it just hasn’t been a good year. Guys have bad years and so far that’s how it’s been. I have to keep pitching.”

During his time with the Phillies, Kendrick has gone from starter to bullpen back to starter, never really becoming the kind of pitcher opposing lineups feared to face. The one season he did have a decent year was in 2013 after he worshiped at the church of Roy Halladay for much of the offseason and managed to pick up a few pointers from the future Hall of Fame pitcher.

It would appear Kendrick needs to go back to church and do some more praying.

The upside is that Kendrick becomes a free agent next season and won’t be the Phillies’ problem after that unless Ruben Amaro Jr. does something surprising like sign him to another one-year deal. But if Phillies fans are very lucky, they might not even have to wait that long as rumors continue to circulate that some teams might be interested in Kendrick come the trade deadline. The Toronto Blue Jays are said to be looking for a middle reliever, a job which Kendrick actually did a respectable job at during the season of the Four Aces (and Joe Blanton).

Either way, I really don’t think anyone is going to miss Kendrick when he is gone.

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