Chicago Cubs Fans Get Tricked Into Talking About Prospects Who Don't Exist

By Andrew Fisher
Wrigley Field 100th anniversary
Jerry Lai – USA TODAY Sports

Being a Chicago Cubs fan is one of the toughest gigs in sports. Losers are only so lovable. But it appears after many years of suffering that the Cubs are finally pointed in the right direction. You can’t tell by looking at the standings, because the Cubs are in dead last, but you can tell by how many top prospects they have in the minors.

So with the topic of prospects in mind, RedEye Chicago took to the streets around Wrigley Field to ask fans how they feel about the team’s future players. The only catch, is that the prospects don’t exist.

Poor Cubs fans. 

You can only hope that this footage is just of the fans who bought the bit hook, line and sinker. You’d like to think that the majority of fans interviewed just admitted that they’d never heard of the prospects in question. But we are talking about Cubs fans.

All jokes and fake players aside, Cubs fans should truly be excited about the future. Kris Bryant has been on a tear in his first year in the minors, already climbing the ranks to Triple A. Bryant was even moved to the No. 1 spot on ESPN’s prospect watch recently.

Theo Epstein and the Cubs say that they’re waiting for the right year to start spending money again, and basically waiting to put a team capable of doing anything on the field.

But when? When will Theo flip the switch and start to trying to make Chicago a respectable ball club? The easy answer — next year. There’s always next year in Cubs land.

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