A Year Too Late: MLB Trade Deadline Can't Help Cincinnati Reds

By Grant E. Doepel
A Year Too Late: MLB Trade Deadline Can't Help Cincinnati Reds
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In exactly one week, the MLB trade deadline will arrive—a day that is full of great speculation and massive phone bills. It also is a day full of wishful thinking on the part of many baseball fans. For Cincinnati Reds fans, the thinking is the same—perhaps a big trade from the front office will help spark some fire into a lifeless Reds team. If you are one of those fans, ask yourself whether or not you believe one additional player makes the Reds a championship contender.

Nope, not even close.

The more I’ve thought about the trading deadline, the more my mind has changed. I was in the camp calling for Walt Jocketty to add a bat in left field to help the team, but the more I study this team the more I realize it just isn’t worth it. Why risk losing prospects for a ballooning 2015 payroll to add to a team that just isn’t that good in 2014?

Jocketty wants to trade for Marlon Byrd? That would have been fantastic if he felt the same way this time last year—you know, before the Pittsburgh Pirates acquired him and he propelled them past the Reds and into the divisional round of the playoffs. Instead, Jocketty and the Reds would be forced to give up decent prospects and also be on the hook for $8 million for 2015. 

No thank you.

There is no band-aid to cover up the team’s holes this season. Despite what we may want to believe, there is little that can be done to take this team to the next level—if they couldn’t do it with the team they had in 2013, they definitely can’t this year. So perhaps the best thing for the Reds to do is sit back and let next Thursday fly by without making a move.

Unless there is a deal they just can’t pass up that could help this team in the future as well, then the Reds might have quite the conundrum.

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