Anthony Rizzo Pulls a Babe Ruth, Hits Two Home Runs For Cancer Patient

By Andrew Fisher
Anthony Rizzo
Getty Images

Anthony Rizzo has been one of the few bright spots for the Chicago Cubs in 2014. In his third season with the club the first baseman has really started to take off. He’s turning into the player Theo Epstein thought he’d be, and into the player Cubs fans were hoping he’d be. If there’s one thing the Lovable Losers have lacked over the years, it’s left-handed power.

But no matter what Rizzo does the rest of the year, fans will always remember what he did on the night of July 22nd. The first baseman went yard, not once, but twice. Two-home run games are awesome in themselves, but this one could become legendary.

Before the game Rizzo promised a home run to a 22-year old cancer patient. So not only did he fulfill that promise, he exceed it.

This story is made even better by the fact that Rizzo himself is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma back in 2008, but was able to defeat the illness with chemotherapy.

Rizzo now has something in common with the great Babe Ruth, who once promised a sick New Jersey boy a home run back during the 1926 World Series. Ruth not only hit one homer in Game 4, he belted three of them. The New York Daily News then ran a front page story that read: ‘Dr.’ Babe Ruth At Bedside. It showed a picture of the Big Babino bedside with the young man.

The young man would go on to recover from his head injury, ended up serving in World War II and went on to live a full life.

Is Rizzo the next Ruth? Probably not. But Cubs fans will take the fact that he’s currently leading the NL in home runs with 25.

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