Managing Could Be In Derek Jeter's Future

By Arthur Dowell
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The storyline is no surprise. Fans have heard it since before spring training broke. New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter‘s playing days are numbered and with that, he needs to find something to do with his time after he is done playing the game.

Jeter will continue to be followed by the press and it will be no secret what he does for, at least, the first few years following his retirement. It will be shocking the day when the media calms down on some of the bigger things he does. However, it should be fun to see what is in store for the man who has done so well to keep his personal matters out of the tabloids and just do what he does best — play baseball.

Does the near future have him trading one diamond for another on a woman’s finger and trying to get a family going now that he can focus his attention solely on that? Or could he miss the game so much that he actually comes back?

The man will enjoy relaxing. After all, most everybody does unless the career was filled with turmoil and many question marks, which Jeter’s was not. He is one of the very few to play in one of the dirtiest eras in the sport’s history to not be linked to performance enhancing drugs. That is exactly why, for 20 years, he played the role many players could not live up to: baseball’s ambassador.

Managing could even be in his future. Jeter can make a difference immediately. He does not have to be the head honcho. He could be a position coach such as a first- or third-base coach. He could even pull a typical Yankee thing and show up every spring training and give his insight and then let the team take the players the rest of the way. Either way, the young guys will listen to Jeter and look up to him much like he had the privilege of doing with names like Reggie Jackson and Yogi Berra all these years.

Or he could decide to just stay home, but not lose his love for the game. He could choose to stick to coaching little league or high school. It is not unheard of. Former teammate Mike Mussina does just that in the little league capital of the world and former NFL quarterback Brett Favre helps coach high school football.

One thing is for certain. If Jeter were to decide to return to the majors and coach, it would look strange seeing him wearing anything different than a Yankees uniform.

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