New York Yankees Get Big Gift From Mother Nature

By Dominic Lancella
Getty Images
Getty Images

The New York Yankees won a game last night in a very non-traditional way. Texas Rangers starter Yu Darvish awarded them the tying run on a balk before Brett Gardner hit his tenth home run of the season to give the Yankees the 2-1 lead. That’s around the time that the Yankees got their biggest help of the night, a two-plus hour rain delay that eventually got the game called after five innings.

The Yankees have had their share of bad luck this year, but they finally caught a break last night and it helped them in multiple ways. First off, the Yanks won the game 2-1 and beat Texas’ ace in Darvish, but they also got the luxury of resting their entire bullpen for a night.

New York’s bullpen has been great all season, but they were a little overused in the first half. Last night could not have worked out any better for the Yankees. They got the win and only had to use their starter David Phelps until the game was eventually called.

The rest for the bullpen is a huge benefit, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The Yanks exhausted their whole pen on Tuesday night and used eight relief pitchers before beating the Rangers in the 14th inning. The shortened game last night avoids consecutive late nights at the ballpark and gives the bullpen a breather. It’s also important to note that the two teams finish their series today with a day game, making the rest even more convenient.

The break for the bullpen could prove to be huge in the next couple weeks, because the bombers are in the middle of a stretch in which they have 26 games in 27 days. New York’s 5-1 record since the All-Star Break has them right back into the mix for a playoff spot. They stand three games behind the first-place Baltimore Orioles and are now only a half game out of the second Wild Card spot.

Today the Yanks get the opportunity to win their four-game set with Texas before entering a very important series with the Toronto Blue Jays over the weekend. It was unconventional, but nobody in the Yankee clubhouse was complaining after Mother Nature gave them a boost and some much-needed rest as well.

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