B.J. Upton Playing to Career Averages in Month of July for Atlanta Braves

By David Miller
B.J. Upton
Getty Images

Those who did not study the career numbers of B.J. Upton when the Atlanta Braves signed him to a five year deal are probably never going to be happy with his play. Some will always suggest that he is not a good option for the leadoff spot no matter what happens. The truth of the matter for the Braves however is that they must be pleased with what Upton has given them in the month of July because it basically matches his career averages.

He is hitting just under the .250 mark with an on-base percentage in the low .300s but that actually does match his career numbers on basic average. If you watch the game, Upton has been involved in a lot of good things for the Braves in the last month. He is getting on base a great deal more with walks, hits and numerous other methods. When he gets on base he has been very successful in using his speed, which never goes into a slump, to help score runs.

No matter what others might believe, the Braves could not have expected more when they signed him than they are getting right now because the way Upton is playing now is how he plays. He is going to strike out a lot and he is not going to have a high batting average or on-base percentage. If his power numbers pick up a slight bit however, he will be giving the Braves exactly what he was paid to give them. Whether that was too much to begin with or not is debatable at best. At least he is finally playing the way he has always played.

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